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Lift Safety

Be advised that you cannot board a lift unless you have sufficient physical dexterity, ability and knowledge to negotiate or to use the lift safely or until you have asked for and received information sufficient to enable you to load, ride and unload the lift safely. You may not use a lift or any ski trail when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort stresses kids safety on chairlifts. For FAQs on chairlift safety for kids, check out

Remember five easy tips to keep you safe on our lifts:

Here are 5 easy tips to keep you safe on our lifts:

  1. Need Assistance? Ask the lift attendent for help. The smallest kids should load closest to the attendant.
  2. Remove and Carry Packs. Packs tend to get stuck or can push your body weight to the front of the chair, so be sure to remove them and carry them on your lap. Also, do not use phones, music or games while loading or unloading the chair.
  3. It is OK to miss a chair. You can always catch the next one. Your safety is a priority.
  4. When loading, watch for the approaching chair. Then sit to the back of the chair once seated!
  5. Drop something? Let it fall! Any item dropped can be picked up later.
  6. Absolutely no horseplay on the lifts! This needs no explanation. Skiing is all fun and games, but lift safety is of the utmost importance.


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