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Gondola Summit

Snowboard Level Assessment


Beginner: This is your first time on a snowboard

Goals: Learn how the equipment works, learn how to glide to a controlled stop, how to change directions while slipping downhill (falling leaf), how to load and unload chairlift.




Novice: Have ridden a chairlift. Gaining confidence in direction changes (falling leaf). Working towards linked "s" turns.

Goals: Developing skills to make confident turns on greens. Starting to play with different turn shapes/sizes.



Intermediate: Confident making turns of various sizes on green runs. Comfortable with different speeds.

Goals: Develop the skills to make turns on blue runs and exploring new terrain.



Advanced: Can make turns on all blue runs and on some double blue. Starting to explore some easier ungroomed terrain.

Goals: Develop the skills to make a variety of turns in all groomed and some off-piste areas.



Expert: Can ride all groomed terrain and most off-piste

Goals: Develop tactics to handle a variety of terrain in a variety of conditions

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