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Gondola Summit

5-year in-season snow average of 475" - Come 'n get it!

Beautiful in white.

Oct 6th- Winter is back

A little more snow adds to the beautiful fall colors

11/14/11 - New Snow Blankets Jackson Hole

11/17/11 - Placing chairs on the new Marmot Lift... 9 days until we open!

11/18/11 - 8 days to go over a foot of snow in the last 24 hours!

11/18/11 - BIG SNOW in effect: Jackson Hole by the numbers - 30 inches of snow since yesterday morning, over 6 feet this season, 8 days till we open.

11/19/11 - Cowboy Powder on Teton Pass

11/20/11 - Happy Sunday!

11/21/11 - All smiles! 5 days until Jackson Hole opens.

11/21/11 - Huge snow at Jackson Hole!

11/22/11 - JH GM Tim Mason makes sure the mountain is ready for opening on Saturday!

11/23/11 - Fun times at the Kids Ranch

11/24/11 - Thankfull for powder! 2 days 'til opening,

11/25/11 - Final touches to the new Marmot Lift for tomorrow's opening in snowy weather

Yeah!!...It's on. Winter 11-12 has begun at Jackson Hole!

11/26/11- Open for business! Matt Annetts sinks into a clean slate on opening day.

11/27/11- The Bridger Gondola serves up more thanksgiving leftovers. Skier: Chris Newson.

11/28/11- Tommy Moe makes a routine fly by.

12/01/11- Wind buff-ett. Skier: Shroder Baker.

12/02/11- The goods in Bivouac Woods. Skier: Jason Tattersall.

12/03/11- Big mountain views from Sublette lift.

12/06/11- The view from Apres Vous.

12/07/11- Crystal Wright finds a smooth patch of white.

12/09/11- Room to Roam. Afternoon cruising on AV.

12/10/11- Holiday Season in Jackson Hole.

12/12/11- Side stash slash.

12/13/11- Late day contrails on Casper. Skier: Shro Baker.

12/14/11- A fine fresh day in Jackson Hole.

12/16/11 - Griffin Post sinks in.

Santa visits Teton Village

12/17/11- Wild Bill Bowen laps it up.

12/19/11- The Grandest of Tetons.

12/20/11- Taking the high road. Paragliders launch from JHMR.

12/21/11 - Fresh snow freshens things up.

12/22/11 - Winter Solstice bonfire

12/23/11- Amidst the splendor. Skier: Emily Church.

12/24/11- Having a rocking Christmas Eve in Jackson Hole!

12/25/11- Santa stops in for some turns.

12/26/11- The Couloir Bar provides holiday cheer.

Patroller, Kevin Brazell, sizes up a fresh 5"

12/28/11- Floating on fresh.

12/29/11- Talk to the hand! An anonymous rider flaunts first tracks under Thunder Lift.

12/30/11- Taking it from the top. Jake Kilgrow makes his first turns in Rendezvous Bowl.

12/31/11- This year's final faceshots were had today. Skier: Tele Anonymous

1/1/12- Jason Prigge gets off to a fresh start in 2012. New Years Day on the Headwall.

1/2/12 - Fun in the sun!

01/03/11- Logging big vertical in Jackson Hole. Skier: Dan Starr.

01/04/11- Car one up!

01/05/11- Late day clouds over Cody Peak.

01/06/12- Darrell Miller gets above the valley.

01/07/12- Two ways to the top. Zahan Billimoria finishes the up and gets on with the down at the 2012 US Ski Mountaineering championship.

01/08/12- Cowboy powder in the Cowboy state.

01/09/11- Above a sea of clouds on Rendezvous Bowl. Skier: Jason Tattersall.

01/10/12- Rob Kingwill flys through the flakes.

01/11/12- Blue sky, big vertical and fresh snow turns a frown upside down. Rider: Rajat Bhayani.

01/12/12- JH Ripper, Nate Pruzan, puts the hammer down.

01/13/12- A prepared skier ventures out of bounds. Skier: Jimmy Hartman.

01/14/12- Dropping. A lone snowboarder hits the Halfpipe.

01/15/12- Sunrise over the Sleeping Indian.

01/16/12- Ryan Vanlanen floats the storm's first layer.

The storm is here! Are you? Forecasted 55" in the next 5 days!

01/17/12- Trenchmaker Baker burrows through. Skier: Shroder Baker

01/19/12- Daniel Tisi films a quality Hoback Lap with TGR.

Katrina DeVore makes waves. The storm has dropped 41" and it's still coming down hard!

01/20/12- Brent Coombs carries on with family business.

01/21/12- Fresh tracks in Bernies Bowl.

01/23/12- Morale is high! Looks like a great week in store for Jackson Hole.

1/24/12 - 65" of snow and then blue sky? Yes, please! Rider: Alex Yoder.

01/24/12- Timing is everything. Craig See skis the opening day of Casper Bowl.

01/25/12- Scribing a fleeting signature. A new storm system fills in the trenches.

01/26/12- Corbets Couloir Opens. Rider: R. Kingwill.

01/27/12- Riding big surf in the Crags. Rider: R. Vanlanen

01/30/12- Crystal Wright sets an edge into God's grooming. Expert Chutes skiing well.

01/30/12- Jeff Jeger cares for an itchy back.

01/31/12- Goodness under the cables. Skier: Shroder Baker.

02/01/12- Todd Johnson calmly carves the contour.

02/02/12- Late day clouds dissipate over Cody Peak.

02/03/12- Up and Away. Approaching Cody's Summit.

02/05/12- Basking in it.

Don Watkins enjoys morning light on the Headwall.

A very red, white and blue Jackson Hole!

Special Olympics continues today as competition heats up!

Freshies for your Friday!

Fresh frosting

Free to be.

A few inches of snow several days in a row sure does add up!

18-year-old Casey stoked to ride with Travis Rice. Casey, diagnosed at birth with Renal Disease, connected with Travis via the Make a Wish Foundation.

Rise 'n shine!

2/19/12 - Sunshine and fresh snow are a nice combo!

Daniel Tisi enoys the fresh snow!

02/22/12- Soft snow stacking. JHMR is in the flow.

34" storm clears to this. Have fun out there.

02/25/12- Shroder gets Shacked. Storm day in JH.

02/26/12 - Reaping rewards!

02/26/12- Eric Hjorleifson gets a full dose of JH untracked.

02/27/12- Gabe "Super G" Shroder in his element.

02/28/12- Lynsey Dyer embraces the storm.

02/29/12- Bliss. A big storm brings big smiles in the Tetons.

03/01/12- Corbets couloir via the right. Rider: Darrell Miller.

03/02/12- The lightness of being.

02/04/12- Corbets Couloir in bloom. Skier: Nate Wallace.

03/05/12- Alpine Guide, Kent McBride, prepares to ride the wild side.

03/07/12- Forrest Shearer finds a fin.

03/08/12- Wish you were here.

03/09/12- Tune in, turn on, drop IN!

03/11/12- Jackson Hole lights up.

03/13/12- Storm's a comin.....

03/14/12- A Teton farewell for Steve Romeo and Chris Onufer. We'll miss you guys.

03/15/12- Fret not soggy valley dwellers!

03/16/12- Chris Denny tests the product.

03/17/12- Eric Hendersen and the valley of Jackson Hole.

03/18/12- Dave Barnett heads for the crux.

03/18/12- A brief beautiful view of Cody Peak.

18" of freshies and still falling!

03/19/12- Put your bike back in the garage.

03/20/12- The power of powder. Skier: S. Baker.

03/21/12- Late day cloud break over Teton Pass.

03/23/12- Morning in the mountains.

03/24/12- Mike Tierney gets some spring air.

03/25/12- Springtime goodies on Cody Peak.

03/27/12- Sunrise on the kingdom. Where will you go today?

Fresh Snow, Blue Skies...another beautiful day in paradise

G-Love & Special Sauce rocked Jackson Hole's annual Mountain Festival on Saturday evening.

Don't forget the sunscreen,

Groomers are fun skiing these days.


Thanks for a wonderful season!

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