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Gondola Summit

Good Sunday Morning in GTNP

Late Summer Storm

Old man winter made a late summer stop to Jackson Hole ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ Swipe 👉 to take a webcam tour.

Where the wild bison roam. : Amy Jimmerson Photography

Only 29 days until the Bridger Gondola closes for the summer. Take advantage of panoramic views of the valley before it's too late.

Two new bike trail open off the Sweetwater Gondola tomorrow for a one-day sneak peek! Come out and hit the dirt!

A sign of things to come . On Monday we saw the first dusting of snow in the mountains since spring. Although it quickly melted, it has us already daydreaming about winter ❄️. : Amy Jimmerson Photography

High alpine climbing awaits on the Via Ferrata.

Rendezvous Lodge sits quietly below as the sunset falls behind the Tetons.

Summer training is in full swing for our four legged members of the ski patrol. Meet the newest member of the team, Scout. Thank you Nulo Pet Food and Teton Tails for keeping them 💪.

This morning's sunrise put on a show after a quick rain shower. : Amy Jimmerson Photography

The high alpine awaits. All of the trails outside the Jackson Hole boundary are free of snow and ready to roam. Grab your hiking or running shoes and go explore.

Sunday mountain solitude ⛰.

Travis Rice takes on the new Via Ferrata routes with the visionary behind the Via Ferrata at JHMR and owner, Connie Kemmerer.

Panoramic views of the valley the entire way up.

Views like this are worth waking up early for.

Dubbed one of the hardest running races you’ll ever love by running coach Eric Orton - Running With Eric. The Rendezvous Mountain Hill climb came back with a new course and blazing fast finishing times for 2020.

Climb on! The Via Ferrata is ready to test your mental grit and push your boundaries.

Early mornings in Grand Teton National Park are 👌.

New course and new records set in a blazing fast Rendezvous Mountain Hillclimb.

Jackson Hole under the Milky Way on clear July night.

Three new pups are in training for the Jackson Hole Avalanche Dog program. Meet five month old Cache, a Dutch Shepherd who loves to rag, sits on shoulders, searches fields and socializes in Teton Village. She is predicted to be approximately 50 pounds and

Some roads lead to home, some roads lead to mountains, some roads lead to both.

A little Monday inspiration from the Tetons. Longest day of the year with over 15 hours of daylight.

Pizza and waffles with a view.

Some snow is still left on the upper mountain.

Snow in the mountains, spring in the valley and wildlife all around.

Storm break over the Tetons. Thanks for letting me takeover the social channels Jackson Hole Mountain Resort! All the best, Chris Figenshau

Flashback Friday. Inside the snow globe with snow reporter Jeff Leger.

Sunset on the Snake.

Memorial Day In Jackson Hole

Following the Yellowstone Road.

Wapiti in the mist. A solitary Elk roams amidst the yawning backdrop of Death Canyon in Grand Teton National Park.

Wake up too early? May snow showers blanket a fast roaming grizzly cub.

Grizzly 399 and her four cubs out for a family stroll in Grand Teton National Park 🐻.

Walk softly and carry a big... lens. The Parks are open and the Wildlife are in charge.

Throwback Thursday: Fathomless powder always hides in the shadows. Bill Dyer submerses.

On any given day, once the snow melts, there are a few things you are almost guaranteed to see along the Moose-Wilson road: Tourists, at least one elk, and Dave Miller riding his bike.

May...hem. Strong Spring storms decorate the sky over the Snake River.

Providing daily inspiration.

Teton Silhouettes

Land of the giants.

Social distancing at its finest.

Covid-19 Community Note from Alex Yoder

The party might be on hold but the spirit of April 1st is still high.

We are all skiers, riders and outdoor enthusiasts at heart. During this evolving COVID-19 situation we hope everyone is doing what they can for the safety and health of their communities, neighbors, family and friends.

03/14/20- Flakes are falling. A Winter encore begins.

03/13/20- A short spell of Spring. Snow showers scheduled.

03/12/20- Finding fun in the JH backyard.

03/11/20- Mikey Marohn prepares for a gentle transition.

03/10/20- After the storm and before the sun. Sam Schwartz amongst it.

03/10/20- It's true. 11" new. Sam Schwartz in the cut.

03/08/20- A setting sun and rising moon on the Sleeping Indian.

03/08/20- The best skiers are the ones having the most fun. Kids parade down Pooh Bear run.

03/07/20- Ready to rip.

03/05/20- Back to the Future. In an exercise of humility, today's pros take on yesterday's technology.

03/05/20- The professionals making it look easy. (Sometimes Mother Nature helps too.)

03/03/20- Wind transported snow swirls above Corbets Couloir.

03/02/20- Unknown skier on a No Name mountain.

03/01/20- Teton resurfacing continues into March.

02/29/20- Andrew Kinard greets the leading edge of a leap day storm.

02/28/20- Philip Gordon, fully immersed after a long hike.

02/27/20- Current frame of mind

02/26/20- Scribing a line in the boundless out of bounds.

02/25/20- Grandson Jimi (6) and Grandpa Jim (eternally young), grandstanding on the Grand.

02/25/20- Feeling refreshed! 10 inches in 48 hours really ties the room together.

02/24/20- Powder Skiing 101. Enrollment period extended. 5 inches of snow blew in on top of a freshly groomed surface. Tram line- delectable.

02/22/20- Anatomy of a stash.

02/21/20- Adventure turns in the great white open.

02/20/20- The pattern is full ghost rider. Something must be in the water.

02/19/20- Amidst the long shadows with Griffin Post.

02/18/20- Griffin Post paints a powder picture on Cody Peak.

02/17/20- Up to your eyeballs. If you're 6. Jimi Figs levitates.

02/15/20- Chest deep. If you're 6. Jimi Figs finding the float.

02/13/20- The one and only Corbets Couloir.

02/12/20- A pre dawn patroller greets the warming sun.

02/08/20- High tide in Jackson Hole.

02/07/20- El Disappearo. Dave Barnett in a moment of disbelief.

02/06/20- Big storm, Big smiles. Jimmy Chin in the trenches.

02/04/20- The Sleeping Indian welcomes another evening arrival at Teton Village.

02/03/20- Goods in the woods. Lora Bodmer navigates into a fresh stash.

02/02/20- The Grand Teton ablaze at first light. Another winter storm approaching.

01/30/20- Pillow stacking with Sam Schwartz.

01/29/20- January delivers the deep. Jimmy Hartman in the backlight.

01/28/20- Andrew Whiteford in the cauliflower forest on top of Rendezvous Bowl.

01/27/20- Still stacking up. Sam Schwartz comes up for air.

01/26/20- The power of powder. Emily Figenshau feeling the force.

01/25/20- Another coat of snow pastes the Tetons. Soft surfaces abound.

01/24/20- Grabbing some air and a brief glimpse of sunlight.

Sam Schwartz in his happy place. More snow in the forecast this week.

01/21/20- Mama Moose rustles up a winter meal.

01/20/20- Gus Chiggins takes advantage of a quiet afternoon in the mountains.

01/19/20- Sunday was a fun day. Blue sky for miles.

01/15/20- January halftime show. A brief break in a most auspicious storm cycle.

01/14/20- Going is knowing in Corbets Couloir.

01/13/20- Teton County overhead. Mark Carter in the barrel.

01/12/20- Ski, ski, ski. Shovel, shovel, shovel. Jackson Hole on repeat in 2020.

01/11/20- The flakes keep falling. Wilson, WY in the distance.

01/10/20- The great white wave of Winter. Sam Schwartz floats out of the white room

01/09/20- Blower.

01/08/20- Making trenches with Shroder Baker.

01/07/20- Sam Schwartz not inverted during a quiet moment between storms.

01/06/20- Dream state powder vortices on Rendezvous Bowl.

01/05/20- Jackson Hole in the flow with the slow cold trickle.

01/04/20- Another weather system moves into the Tetons.

01/02/20- Storm clouds give way to fleeting morning light. Griffin Post feels the quality.

01/01/20- A brisk beginning. The 2020 Storm Ski opener.

01/01/20- New year, new terrain opening. Dr. Huckinstufft rejoices in the North Hoback.

12/30/19- First light high above the Snake River.

12/28/19- Headwall high-jinks and enduring valley views.

12/27/19- Wonderous morning moments on Rendezvous Bowl.

12/25/19- Apres ski skate session in Santa suit.

12/24/19- It's the simple things.

12/22/19- Eliminating the itch. J. Leger immersed in holiday merriment.

12/21/19- Amidst a pre solstice cloudscape.

12/19/19- Rime and Reason.

12/18/19- Holiday magic on Thunder Lift.

12/17/19- Afternoon delight, what else can go right? Bill Dyer finds fresh in the Expert Chutes.

12/15/19- The View and Apres Vous emerge from the valley fog.

12/13/19- Surfing the high country of of Sublette Lift.

12/12/19- Flakes to the face. J. Leger goes subsurface.

12/10/19- Teton Village tucked into a blanket of evening clouds.

12/09/19- An AWEspicious opening of Laramie Bowl.

12/09/19- An AWEspicious opening of Laramie Bowl.

12/08/19- Thunder Lift is Open. Mark Carter begins product assessment.

12/07/19- Kit DesLauriers in pre storm preparation. Gondola opens!

First turns of the season off the Bridger Gondola before tonight's impending storm. Skier Max Martin and photo by Stephen Shelesky

12/06/19- Casper lift opens under breaking clouds. More lifts scheduled to open this weekend.

Ready for more? New lifts and terrain opening this weekend. Teewinot, Teton, Apres Vous, and Sweetwater Gondola- Currently open Casper – Friday Bridger Gondola – Saturday Marmot – Saturday

12/03/19- Early morning schuss with C. Leveroni on Apres Vous.

12/02/19- The daily groove with J. Recchio.

11/30/19- High in the sky. Teton lift opens!

11/30/19- Fortuitous storms round out November. Chad Jackson with the early turn.

It's looking more and more like winter in Jackson Hole.

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