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24 Hrs

Opening Day is approaching! Full day and afternoon lift tickets are currently sold out for Thursday and Friday, Nov. 26 and 27.

Jackson Hole Bike Rentals

Bike Rentals

Didn't bring your bike to Jackson Hole or just want to try out something new?
JH Sports, Teton Village Sports and Hoback Sports offer a full-service bike rental shop where you can rent anything from a full-suspension mountain bike to a pathway-friendly cruiser or road bike.

Bike Rental Gear Sanitation:

Rental bike return stations will be located outside on the lawn for guests to return all of their pads and bikes.  Staff will spray off/clean off everything, let dry and cycle back into JHS by our staff using gloves and masks.

Bikes will be hand sanitized with Waxi Quat-128.  Staff will be using Wysiwash* on all pads, gloves, pressure suits and helmets to disinfect.  

*Wysiwash is a chlorine based cleaning system that is environmentally sensitive.

TVS Bike Rental Sanitation:

Rental bicycles are being 100% sprayed down with 70% Isopropyl alcohol outside and let sit till dry. Staff are using Waxie Quat-128 in the dilution ratio needed to kill viruses in order to sanitize all helmets. TVS does not rent armor or pads.  Staff then returns bicycle to fleet with masks on and rubber gloves.

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