As a resort nestled within Bridger-Teton National Forest, right on the border of Grand Teton National Park, we are blessed with a beautiful alpine environment. This rugged mountain terrain provides stunning vistas and a wide range of trails for hikers of all abilities. Our Aerial Tram and gondolas make it quick and easy to access high-alpine hikes that are sure to amaze. Come on out to Teton Village to explore all of our hiking trails to see if you agree with my top 5.

1. Rock Springs Loop   I   2. Holey Moley   |   3. Cirque Trail  |   4. Casper Ridge Loop   |  5. Top of the World


View of Cody Peak from Rock Springs Loop

This loop is truly magical. I've summited multiple mountains in the Tetons, but the scenery along Rock Springs Loop honestly rivals the most picturesque spots of my expeditions in the park. Access the trail via the Aerial Tram at the apex of the Top of the World loop. You then walk along a path lined with pine trees and daunting rock shelves as you take in magnificent views of Cody Peak. Don't miss the Rock Springs Overlook, which opens up to a stunning view of the valley.

View from Rock Springs Overlook

As you return to the trail and continue walking the loop, this more secluded section of the mountain becomes a haven for wildlife. I felt like Snow White in this magical setting, as a deer grazed nearby, a chipmunk scurried right up to me and a bright yellow bird flew overhead.

A deer along Rock Springs Loop

Rock Springs Loop also branches out into Cody Bowl, which is worth a quick detour. You enter the trail through a passageway between trees with Cody Peak as the backdrop.

Entrance into Cody Bowl

As you emerge from this passageway, you enter a rolling field of boulders surrounded by surreal rock faces. The rocky environment and contrast between the rest of the mountain almost make you feel as if you stepped foot on a desolate planet. Cody Bowl is also the last place snow persists in the summer.

Man walking through Cody Bowl

After exiting Cody Bowl and re-entering the more lush Rock Springs Loop, it's not long before you have the option of branching off into Green River Overlook, a relatively short path that leads you to a stunning rock ledge with beautiful views of the valley below.

Green River Overlook

The rest of Rock Springs Loop snakes through varied terrain and leaves you with the option to hike back up to the Aerial Tram via either the 2nd half of Top of the World or the top section of Cirque Trail or take the Cirque Trail down to Rendezvous Lodge.

Distance: 3.5 miles round trip

Time: 1.5-2 hours

Difficulty: MODERATE 🟦


A steep rocky section of Holey Moley

This double black diamond trail offers more avid hikers a steep and strenuous hike with exposure. A quick Sweetwater Gondola ride lets you save your legs for the workout you're about to embark on. After departing the gondola, hop on a small section of the Wildflower Trail to get to the trailhead, where you are greeted by a warning sign recommending expert hiking ability. This trail forgoes long switchbacks for a more direct route that keeps your eyes uphill on the prize (unless of course, you take a much-needed break and turn your head around to soak in the increasingly more stunning views). This trail is more wooded than most and a sprinkle of wildflowers adds to the charm of the area.

A heavily wooded section of Holey Moley

The hike takes you along large boulders and rock faces from the start, but these rock features become increasingly more integral to the hike and require a scramble at one point.

Boulders and flowers along Holey Moley

Along some steep, rocky parts there are even metal wires – reminiscent of the Via Ferrata – to help you get up narrow sections.

Metal wires along rock on Holey Moley

The trail culminates at the same beautiful outlook as Casper Ridge Loop, but the trek up Holey Moley makes the view even more rewarding.

View from the top of Holey Moley

You then have the option to hike back down Holey Moley or hike the 2nd half of Casper Ridge Loop to refuel at Rendezvous Lodge (you may want to take advantage of Happy Hour on The Deck after this taxing hike) followed by a scenic ride down the Bridger Gondola.

Distance: 1.7 miles one way

Time: 1-2 hours

Difficulty: DIFFICULT ◆◆


There are two ways to experience this scenic trail that traverses to and from the summit of Rendezvous Mountain: both involve a scenic ride on both the Aerial Tram and the Bridger Gondola and the same epic views of the valley below. It's simply a matter of if you'd rather walk up or downhill. 

View from a lookout on Cirque Trail

I started from the top of the Aerial Tram and hiked down and across this rocky path sprinkled with patches of wildflowers.

Man walking along the Cirque Trail surrounded by flowers

As you hike through this rugged terrain, let it sink in that the Rendezvous Enduro race took daring mountain bikers through this trail at high speeds. Even on foot, the unobstructed views and epic terrain paint a clear picture of the grandeur of this mountain. Plus this difficult hike will provide the workout to justify indulging in our must-try culinary offerings at Corbet's Cabin and Rendezvous Lodge at the start and end of the hike.

Distance: 1.8 miles one way

Time: 1-2 hours

Difficulty: DIFFICULT ◆


A section of Casper Ridge Loop with flowers and a view

Take a ride up the Bridger Gondola and watch the mountain bikers in the bike park down below. As you begin the hike, you find yourself surrounded by beautiful wildflowers (the Wildflower Trail does end where the Casper Ridge Loop starts, after all). Enjoy the view overlooking the valley to the right and a layered alpine environment flooded with flowers to the left. What starts as a steep hike, quickly turns into a relatively flat trail that loops itself through trees, providing a nice shaded spot to rest.

View through pine trees on Casper Ridge Loop

The trail then snakes up to the apex of the loop (at the top of the Holey Moley trail), providing a clear opening for a panoramic view of the valley and a great perspective of all of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort to your right.

Panormic view from the top of Casper Ridge Loop

As you continue around the loop, enjoy views of Casper Bowl and the mountains behind the resort in Grand Teton National Park. Watch the Aerial Tram glide through the sky in the distance, as you make your descent back down to Rendezvous Lodge for a slice of za and a sloshie (or another cold, refreshing drink of your choice) from Off-Piste, before enjoying another scenic Bridger Gondola ride back down to the base. This is also a spectacular sunset hike to do before drinks and appetizers on The Deck.

Distance: 1.5 miles round trip

Time: 1-2 hours

Difficulty: MODERATE 🟢🟦


Short on time? There's no other place to sneak in a high-alpine hike in just 20 minutes. Glide 4,139 vertical feet up to the summit of Rendezvous Mountain via the Aerial Tram to take in 360-degree views of the Tetons, Jackson Hole Valley, and surrounding mountain ranges from 10,450'. Use the coin-operated binoculars for an insane view of The Grand (the tallest mountain in the Teton Range, which the National Park is named after).

coin operated binoculars pointed at The Grand

The Grand Teton and surrounding peaks

Walk along the ridgeline that divides Grand Teton National Park from Bridger-Teton National Forest until you reach an overhanging viewing platform, to enjoy a stunning view of Cody Peak.

The 2nd half of the loop takes you right past Corbet's Cabin, presenting the perfect opportunity to try our world-famous gourmet waffles. Ride the Aerial Tram back down and don't forget that your sightseeing ticket also gets you access to the Bridger and Sweetwater gondolas!

Distance: 0.5 miles round trip

Time: 20 minutes

Difficulty: EASY 🟢