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Increasing Recycling

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR) focuses on recycling waste, achieving a diversion rate above 25% every year and annually recycling 1000 gallons of used vegetable oil waste from JHMR and Teton Village restaurants - that's enough to fully power three vehicles (more than 1% of all diesel consumed). In 2018, JHMR recycled more than 120 tons of consumer and workplace materials. JHMR commits to continually set and meet environmental goals.

In 2018 JHMR recycled more than 120 tons of consumer and workplace materials .

Goal: Energy Conservation 
(1) Electricity, fuel and propane use
(2) Water consumption
(3) Vehicle use within, and to/from the Resort
(4) Annual waste production, both solid and hazardous waste
(5) Fuel/petrochemical spills
(6) Total CO2 emissions

Goal: Waste Management

JHMR recycles the following consumer products:

Fluorescent bulbs

  • JHMR collects all of our fluorescent bulbs and sends them to Jackson Community Recycling where they are processed with a ‘bulb eater' which crushes the glass and separates out the mercury.


  • JHMR sends our computers to Guaranteed Recycling Xperts in Denver which processes the computers on-site rather than sending them on to Asia where toxic parts can be carelessly discarded when the computers are disassembled. The in-country disassembling costs almost four times (about $40 per computer) as much as out-of-the-country disassembling and recycling, but is worth it for the integrity of the process.

Recycled Paper

  • For our printed products, such as trail maps and brochures, we now request that all of our printers give quotes for the product using non-chlorine bleached paper with post-consumer content. We are also replacing all of our toilet paper, paper towels, tissues and napkins with at least 15% post-consumer waste unbleached paper products.

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