That's a wrap for the 2023 Dick's Ditch Banked Slalom! Two beautiful days in the springtime sun made the vibes all-time and competitors showed out in full force. Thank you to everyone who competed and congratulations to all of the winners in each discipline and group!

Click below to view final results. Scroll down to view photos from the weekend, shot by Connor Burkesmith and Keegan Rice.

Final Results - Ski

Final Results - Snowboard

The qualifying round of the Dick's Ditch banked slalom competition went down today with 205 competitors giving it their all on one run, vying for a spot at Sunday's finals and the chance to take home the glory and a custom Dick's Ditch belt buckle (and prize money in the Pro divisions).

This flowy, banked course snaked through the man-made and natural terrain in Dick’s Ditch, from Nez Perce Traverse down to “Marlboro” area, with a jump leading into a final banked turn before the finish line. After an adrenaline-packed run that saw no shortage of crashes, competitors took the Marmot lift back up for an overhead view of their fellow competitors darting through the course. Competitors and their fans could also watch live updates online, to see how their time was stacking up against the pack and identify in real-time if they were on track to make the cut. 

70% of the field in each category advances to Sunday's competition. Here was the fastest time and cutoff qualifying time in each division:

Men's Snowboard

   Division    Fastest Time    Qualifying Time
   Pro    1:13.27     1:24.16
   Masters (ages 40+)    1:16.75     1:30.83
   Amateur (ages 20-39)    1:18.15     1:24.16
   Amateur (ages 14-19)    1:14.78     1:23.67
   Groms (ages 11-13)    1:20.28     1:37.89

Women's Snowboard

   Division    Fastest Time    Qualifying Time
   Pro    1:22.53     1:39.86
   Masters (ages 40+)    1:43.19     2:33.10
   Amateur (ages 20-39)    1:28.14     1:37.54
   Groms (ages 11-13)    1:21.61     1:50.33

Men's Ski

   Division    Fastest Time    Qualifying Time
   Pro    1:09.84     1:17.30
   Masters (ages 40+)    1:11.81     2:48.47
   Amateur (ages 20-39)    1:12.48     1:19.32
   Amateur (ages 14-19)    1:13.96     1:17.35
   Groms (ages 11-13)    1:14.31     1:27.43

Women's Ski

   Division    Fastest Time    Qualifying Time
   Pro    1:17.43     1:21.14
   Masters (ages 40+)    1:24.51     2:13.68
   Amateur (ages 20-39)    1:22.95     1:34.51
   Amateur (ages 14-19)    1:19.62     1:32.45
   Groms (ages 11-13)    1:20.87     1:26.70

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Congratulations to all who made it to the finals. Tomorrow, we ask that you place your bib number on your lead leg if you're a snowboarder and left leg if you're a skier. Have fun and good luck!

Watch the finalist's race times live during tomorrow's competition at www.live-timing.com. Check back here for the final results and photos after the competition.