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Driving in Jackson Hole


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Do I need a car?
If you are staying in Teton Village, you will inevitably travel to downtown Jackson to shop and dine. If you are staying in town, you will need transportation to and from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Both types of trips can be taken on the public bus system - START (Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit) Bus. A cheap and efficient way to travel around the valley, a one-way trip from downtown Jackson to Teton Village costs $3 per person.

If you want to visit Teton National Park or other locations out of town, Skedaddle is the easiest way to get there. Skedaddle lets you start or join professionally driven bus routes wherever the road takes you. Whether traveling with friends or making new friends along the way, Skedaddle will get you there by matching you with other riders going the same direction.

If you decide to rent a car, you should know:

  • Jackson Hole's abundant snow sometimes makes for stormy driving conditions.
  • Teton Village has multiple fee paying parking lots, there is a free park and ride bus system in addition to free parking for car pool vehicles with 3 or more (in the Ranch Lot only)
  • The town of Jackson provides free parking, but does not allow parking overnight on the roadways due to plowing vehicles.
  • The valley is flat, so unless you are planning a trip to Grand Targhee Resort over Teton Pass, it is not necessary to rent a 4WD vehicle. Discuss your itinerary with the rental car company.

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Parking Details for Teton Village:

Paid Parking in ALL Teton Village lots until designated time:

  • ALL Lots (except Ranch Lot) are $20 until 1 PM and then $10 until 3 PM
  • Ranch lot is $10 until 1 PM. Carpools of 3 or more are always free in the Ranch lot
  • Parking passes are now available for purchased through Teton Village Sports or Hoback Sports
  • All lot winter season parking pass are available for $950 (Village, Crystal Springs and Cody parking lots)
  • Ranch Lot winter season parking pass are available for $525
  • Stilson lot at the corner of WY22 & Highway 390 is always free
  • START bus will begin their winter schedule on Friday, Nov. 27th (
  • Learn More: Paid Parking Press Release.

Teton Village Map

Free parking (600 spaces) at Stilson Lot with free shuttles to and from Teton Village

  • The shuttles run during peak demand: 6 to 9:30 a.m. and 3 to 6:30 p.m.
  • START services Stilson during off-peak and late-night hours
  • Carpooling cars - 3 or more passengers - always park for free in the Ranch Lot
  • Short-term and handicap parking is always available in Teton Village
Answered by Jim Terry, President of the Teton Village Association

How do the shuttles work?
The Stilson Lot has a heated transit center with restrooms. During peak morning and evening hours, there are free shuttles paid for by TVA. For midday and late evenings, START services Stilson on its Green Route.

I have a family. How can I possibly manage on the bus?
TVA encourages families to participate in all activities at Teton Village. With this in mind, TVA and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort have agreed to help families by providing free 45-minute parking in the Cody Lot for parents dropping off and registering children at the Kids Ranch. Also, any car with 3 or more occupants can park for free in the Ranch Lot. In addition this year JHMR will be initiating a shuttle bus for children enrolled in Saturday camps from town and Stilson to save a "drop off" car journey in the morning. More details will be sent about this to enrolled camp families.

Is there free parking in Teton Village?
Yes free parking exists for the following situations. Hotel guests, short term, handicap, and carpools with 3 or more passengers per car can park for free in the Ranch Lot.

I live/stay along the Village Road. Do I have to drive south in order to access the Village?
Village Road residents are encouraged to take the bus from the Aspens or Calico-Q Roadhouse. Or carpool.

Are there parking passes?
Anybody can buy parking passes, which cost $525 for the Ranch Lot or $950 for the Village, Cody and Crystal Springs lots. Passes are sold - after Labor Day - at Teton Village Sports and Hoback Sports.

Punch cards are also available for purchase the the Village parking booths. Please note: passes are not ready the same day as the online purchase.

  • 10 Day All Lot Punch Card: $200 (blackout dates include: Dec. 20, 2017- Jan 5, 2018 and Feb 16-25, 2018)
  • 10 Day Ranch Lot Punch Card: $100 (blackout dates include: Dec. 20, 2017- Jan 5, 2018 and Feb 16-25, 2018)
  • 5 Day All Lot Peak/Holiday Punch Card: $150
  • 5 Day Ranch Lot Peak/Holiday Card: $75
  • Isn't paid parking a way for Teton Village to make money from locals and guests?
    We understand the frustration and questions when paid parking exists in only one part of our county. However mostly when people understand the reasoning behind it, they understand. We are doing our part to reduce traffic on the village road and reduce CO2 emissions in our county, by rewarding using mass transit and encouraging car pooling. Price rises are only being enacted as we are still reaching critical overflow on too many days during the winter.

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